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From Jonathan <>
Subject Website Planning
Date Tue, 27 Jul 2004 17:15:50 GMT
I'm going to ask my previous question(s) in a different way....

Basically, I want to build a website that has dynamic news and a dynamic 
navbar on the index page.
This website also needs to have a forums app, and a photo gallery app.
Everyplace on the site should contain the same dynamic nav as the index 
page, and the same footer.
Also, the forums and gallery will require the user to be logged in, and 
should display the same login page regerdless of which app you hit if 
you're not logged in.

Can someone please tell me the "best practices" for setting up a site 
like this?  (i.e. a single web app or multiple web apps, how to include 
the nav if it's multiple web apps, etc)


- Jonathan

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