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From Jules Gosnell <>
Subject Re: Keep session when going to a secure server
Date Tue, 27 Jul 2004 09:42:10 GMT
WADI ( is able to transparently migrate the sessions 
of a distributable webapp to the node on which a relevant request lands, 
so would be of use to you here.

If you are using cookies, then you may find that your browser refuses to 
send the same cookie to both servers if it thinks that they are in 
different cookie domains. If you are using url rewriting, this should 
not be a problem....

What you are doing on the secure server that might affect the session 
and whether the result will be transferrable back to the rest of the 
cluster is up to you.

The doc currently available with WADI is not pitched at this sort of 
usage, and assumes quite a deep understanding of issues surrounding 
httpsessions and state management, so if you need more help please join 
the user list and ask lots of questions.

Finally, before you invest time in finding a solution to this problem, 
you should revisit your original architecture and ask yourself whether 
you really need to move sessions around like this - it sounds like you 
are making life difficult for yourself.


Olivier wrote:
> Hi
> I have a project in java servlets/jsp which uses 2 servers
> 1 is secured and the other is not secured
> But both server uses the same apache with mod_jk and tomcat
> But the problem is that the server names are different, so, the session is
> lost when I arrive on the secure server !
> How can I keep the session ??
> I am using the standard Httpsession
> I've seen that it's possible to get the session id, and to send it as a get
> parameter (?sessionid=.) to the secure server, but how can I retrieve a
> session from a session id ?
> I would really appreciate some help
> Thanks

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