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From Jonathan <>
Subject Re: Multiple Webbapps, single login.jsp??
Date Mon, 26 Jul 2004 20:35:01 GMT
I've got some roles setup, and I'm able to restrict access based on 
them, but I guess my question is a step back from that.....

When a user hits, I want them to get the normal page 
with a top nav.
When a user hits www.mydomain/forums I want them to get a login page 
with the same nav.
When a user hits www.mydomain/gallery I want them to get the same login 
page as before (if they didn't login).

Problem is, I'm not sure where to put the login page so that both 
webapps (/forums & /gallery) can share it.  Again, I could just be 
thinking about this wrong.

I'm also not sure how to include a "global" navbar acrossed all webapps 

Obviously, I'm pretty new to Tomcat, but so far I've found doing the 
hard stuff (full apps with struts, JSF, etc) is actually well documented 
and easy to follow, but doing "normal" easy stuff like a single login 
page for a multi-app site, or a global navbar seems to not be written 
down anywhere.  :)

Or maybe I'm just missing something obvious. (which is probably the case)

- Jonathan

Schalk Neethling wrote:

> Jonathan
> You can probably do this by giving each user a specific role that will 
> allow him/her access to only certain areas and when logging in 
> determine the user's role and authorization right and forward them to 
> the appropriate webapp. I do this with my client portal to ensure a 
> client only gets access to their data and not someone else's.
> Jonathan wrote:
>> Is it possible to use a single login.jsp for multiple webapps?
>> Basically I have a V-Domain setup using /www/ as it's 
>> docroot.
>> I want to deploy multiple web apps (forums app, image gallery, etc) 
>> and secure some of them using form based authentication.
>> I understand most of the configuration, but I would really like to 
>> use a single login.jsp.
>> These are all part of one big website.  I have single signon enabled, 
>> but I down't want to have to write the same exact login.jsp for each 
>> webapp since the login.jsp will contain a bunch of stuff (menus and 
>> such).
>> Does anyone know how to do this, or am i just going about organizing 
>> the website/webapps wrong?
>> Thanks!
>> - Jonathan
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