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From Anastasios Angelidis <>
Subject Beyond bassic form authentication?
Date Fri, 23 Jul 2004 13:36:33 GMT
So I setup my web app to use Form Authentication with a User Realm in my 
MySQL DB. It all works fine. I type the protected resources URL into the 
browser, I get redirected to the login page, I login and behold it works! ;)

Now how would I give access to a secure resource from an unsecure 
resource. For instance...

My webapp has a front page with recent news, welcome message etc... 
Standard home page stuff...
Obviously I can put a sign-in link that will try to access the protected 
resource, which will then redirect to the login page...
But is there a way to put a login form on the home page directly and 
post that form for authentication and from there give access to the 
protected resource?


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