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From Peter Huesser <>
Subject Re: Different virtuel hosts with Tomcat 5
Date Thu, 22 Jul 2004 15:04:35 GMT

Shapira, Yoav wrote:

>You can have as many <Host> elements in your server.xml file as you
>wish.  Each one can have different applications (or can point to the
>same applications), different listening addresses, etc.  See the Host
>configuration page at
It works fine. But how can one add new Webapplications to the different 
servers. For testing I generated two new servers simply by copying the 
<Host>...</Host> element of the "localhost" and changing the name. With 
one virtual host I kept the appBase, with the other one I changed it 
(and made - again for testing - a exact copy of the appBase dirctory). 
Everything looks as I expect it. I can run all the allready installed 
webapplications on all of the servers. But what do I have to do if I 
want to add a webapplication to e.g. virtual_server2. The admin 
interface does not work anymore for the newly created applications (HTTP 
Status 404: Teh requested resource (/manager/html) is not available. Is 
there also a documentation for this ?

By the way: is there a printable version of the whole documentation ?



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