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From Peter Huesser <>
Subject Re: Problems while deploying
Date Fri, 16 Jul 2004 08:40:45 GMT
>It's not your web.xml that's the problem, nor the JAVA_HOME environment
>variable. What are the contents of your WAR?  Specifically, is there a
>context.xml file in the META-INF directory?  How are you deploying?
Thank's for your hint. Indeed I made a mistake in the deploying process. 
I deploy using the manager webpage on the server. There I wanted to use 
the "Deploy dirctory or WAR file located on server" section and tipped 
in the path on my host to the web.xml file (XML Configuration file URL) 
and the path to the application. This produced the error. Because of 
your mail I tried the "WAR file to deploy" mechanism by creating a WAR 
file and deploying this file (Select WARfile to upload). This works fine.

Is it not possible to deploy without war file or in other words ? What
ist the "Deploy directory or WAR file located on server" section good
for ?

Thank's for your help again


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