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From "Robert F. Hall" <>
Subject Re: Limit time for Database connection
Date Fri, 09 Jul 2004 00:11:06 GMT

Nobody has responded to your question (that I've seen), so I'll "take a 

This sounds like a network issue, and network connection failures have 
to "time out"
before they fail.  Using a timed separate thread to obtain the 
connections for the pool
occurs to me; if the connection thread doesn't return in a certain 
amount of time the
parent thread could throw an Exception.

Has anybody tired something along these lines?  Is this suggestion way 
off base?


Bachler, Elisabeth (Elisabeth) wrote:

>I defined a database connection that uses a pool connection. Everything is
>working well.
>Now I had a routing problem that prevented any database connection (with a
>SQPNestedException fired). The exception fired after a long time.... is
>there a way of setting the connection limit, so it does not take so long
>before firing the exception?
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