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From Raymond Blum <>
Subject Tomcat 5.0.25/Apache 1.3.31 mod_jk windows
Date Wed, 07 Jul 2004 20:03:04 GMT
  I am trying to get the mod_jk.dll to work under Windows (XP) with the 
current Tomcat and Apache 1.3 releases.  I have download mod_jk.ddl 
version 1.3.27, although the notes on the ftp site reference version 
1.2.28, X.27 is all that is there.

  I have the LoadModule directive in my httpd.conf file, followed by the 

The only message I get are these, in apache's error log...
Wed Jul 07 16:00:32 2004] [error] Cannot remove module mod_jk.c: not 
found in module list
[Wed Jul 07 16:00:32 2004] [warn] module mod_jk.c is already added, skipping

There is no mod_jk.log file being created at the indicated location (as 
coded in httpd.conf)

There are workers (or something) listening at port 8009, as verified by 
telnet to that port.

Problem is, none of my Jk_Mount directives seem to be in effect, i.e.
gets a 404 and my error.log shows that access was attempted for 

All of the doc on the jakarta site is out of date or scanty on Windows 

Does anyone have this working with these versions?

I have attached my and httpd.conf files

Thanls In Advance

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