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From Vy Ho <>
Subject Re: I've officially decided that JSTL is one of the worstthingsto ever happen
Date Wed, 07 Jul 2004 17:26:27 GMT

I have used Java for both client, server, GUI apps, and clients haven't 
complaint about speed or look and feel.

For the tag libs argument that web designers will have easier time with 
it than java, good luck!  They have to learn them anyway to get things 
to work, and it's no different.

Saying "tag libs separate model and view" is half true.  It depends.  
It's probably good for tools to generate view using tag libs.  For 
programmer, separating or not is their choice.

Having a mixed languages in source code is hard to read.  I think that 
people should use Java as much as possible, anywhere (view, model, what 
not).  However, in the view area, you can also use tags if that speeds 
development time, or simplify thing, or if java is not possible to do 
so.  In all cases, do not put model code in the view.  In the view, if 
you use <if> or if()..., they're both logics and no architural 
difference here.

Harry Mantheakis wrote:

>>I agree that I find taglibs impossible to understand.
>Tag libraries are not actually that difficult, and offer many advantages.
>I just thought I would mention that, for the record :-)
>Harry Mantheakis
>London, UK
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