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From Michael Echerer <>
Subject Re: question on tomcat's JSESSIONID
Date Sat, 03 Jul 2004 16:10:52 GMT wrote:
> Hi,
> I have 2 questions regarding tomcat:
> 1- I am wondering if it is possible to rename the JSESSIONID cookie to 
> something else. I am interseted in renaming it <host>_<port>_JSESSIONID 
> this way JSESSION ids generated by webservers on the same domain 
> ( will not conflict with each other. (I have a special setup 
> with a portal webserver which relays cookies to other webservers in the 
> same domain)
> I know this can be done with WebLogic : you can customize the name of 
> the JSESSIONID cookie in weblogic.xml. Is it possible to do this with 
> tomcat?

Of course you could change the source. I doubt this cookie name can be 

Due to cookie domain conflict with the JSESSIONID of two servers we once 
patched the Tomcat binaries directly.
Just search in \server\lib jars for classes (as far as I remember there 
are only 2-3 .class files that need to be patched) with the string 
JSESSIONID, take a hex editor and set it to JSESS123ID for example. Put 
the patched class files back into the jars etc.
Make sure that the string has the same length as the original cookie name!

Kind of a hack, but it works!

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