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From Peter Rossbach>
Subject Re: Content compression in Tomcat
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2004 07:11:15 GMT

look at the Compression Filter example at the tomcat distribution
Also read some of the javaworld articles


Gabi schrieb:

>I'm trying to compress the served jsp.
>As I'm using Apache 2 + Tomcat 4 + mod_jk, I suppose I can use mod_gzip
>apache module, but this have some problems (I'll use SSL in apache too, and
>mod_ssl+mod_gzip does not work very well in combination) so I wonder how
>with my configuration can I configure tomcat to compress the generated jsp.
>Is there some kind of directive or filter or something to do this? Is it
>How can I do it? (I'm a newbie so please explain me what and where I've to
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