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From "Sternbergh, Cornell" <>
Subject System suggestions? Eclipse / Tomcat / JBoss
Date Wed, 21 Jul 2004 11:06:15 GMT
Hi everybody

Short version:
Anybody have suggestions for:
HTTP Server
App Server (with EJB support)

Long version:
At work we use IBM Visual Age for Java (VAJ), Domino as an HTTP server
(don't ask) and Websphere as an application server.

We've been investigating the possibility of switching Eclipse for VAJ
instead of upgrading to the next version.  We imported our site into
Eclipse and it compiled well, we deployed it to a test Domino/Websphere

I've been investigating setting up a variation at home, an IDE, HTTP
server, App server, that could be used for our
developing/maintaining/running our site, for the purpose of learning
more and perhaps coming up with better/cheaper alternatives to VAJ /
Websphere.  Beginning with Apache, I discovered Tomcat as an app server
(as Apache is only an HTTP server).  But I understand that Tomcat
doesn't do EJB's and I've encountered JBoss.

I'm looking for Open Source software, it's cheap.  But also, software
that's well established in the community, so that it's not likely to
fade away.

Anybody have suggestions for nice, robust, not too difficult, etc.

Cornell Sternbergh

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