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From Christina Cunningham <>
Subject SSL problems with commercial X509 certificates and jks
Date Fri, 30 Jul 2004 09:41:54 GMT

I am trying to deploy tomcat securely using https and
X509 certificates issued by a CA. I have followed the
documentation on the tomcat webpage to insert my CA
certificate into the cacerts store in Java as well as
the server.ks and changed the server.xml file.

When I try and run tomcat securely using my issued
certificates (which are valid and have nothing before
the BEGIN CERTIFICATE line) I get an error message
from the browser that "Mozilla and localhost cannot
communicate securely because they have no common
encryption algorithms".

However, if I put a self generated and signed
certificate into the java .keystore located in my
$HOME directory, tomcat will run securely. If I
replace this certificate with an issued certificate
then I get the same error message detailed above.

Can anyone shed some light on this problem?

I am using tomcat 4.1.27, Red Hat Linix 9.0 and



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