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From Mitchell Teixeira <>
Subject AccessLogValve question: how to correctly log HttpSession attribute
Date Thu, 29 Jul 2004 20:33:26 GMT
Hello, I have a question related to capturing data in the Tomcat access
logs.  I'm using Tomcat 5.0.19 with the Sun 1.4.2_03 SDK on Windows 2000.

According to the documentation for the Tomcat AccessLogValve component, I
should be able to capture attributes in the HttpSession into my access
logs. I was able to get some information into my logs following the syntax
"&quot;%{promotion}s%quot;".  Using that syntax, I get what appears to be
the attribute object id in my logs: "tb.web.Promotion@313170".  I want to
see actual >>value<< of this attribute instead!  What is the correct
syntax to the get the value of the attribute? In my case, it should be a
five digit number like "12345".  While I'm glad to get this far, its still
not close enough.  Is there more doc on this topic anyplace?

Also, is anyone on the list using Webtrends 7?  If so, what logging
"pattern" are you using in your server.xml? While it appears to be in the
logs, the Search Engine data is not appearing in our Webtrends reports.

Many thanks for reading and for any hints - 


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