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From QM <>
Subject Re: Do servlets as welcome-files work in TC5?
Date Thu, 15 Jul 2004 14:49:09 GMT
On Wed, Jul 14, 2004 at 02:53:47PM -0700, K.C. Baltz wrote:
: Yes, I tried that first actually, but had no success with it either.

Gotcha.  I'm stumped, then -- from what I see, using
should work as long as Struts has an Action mapped there.

Then again, I noticed something in the servlet spec (excerpt appended
below) that leads me to believe a servlet must be mapped to the given
URI.  Put another way, there's some wiggle room in the wording.  Struts
maps a pattern, not a URI, so the container may be skipping over such a
def as a welcome file.

I'm totally grasping here ;) but it's one possible explanation.

Could you create a simple HelloWorld-type servlet, map that to some
random URI, and try *that* as a welcome file?

.... BEGIN: from servlet spec 2.4 , SRV 9.10 "Welcome Files" ...

The Web server must append each welcome file in the order specified in
the deployment descriptor to the partial request and check whether a
static resource or servlet in theWAR is mapped to that request URI.
TheWeb container must send the request to the first resource in the WAR
that matches.

.... END: from servlet spec 2.4 , SRV 9.10 "Welcome Files" ...



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