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From Joel <>
Subject is the context automatically generated on auto-deploy?
Date Mon, 12 Jul 2004 09:05:21 GMT
In the deployer how-to at

the docs state that, for eploying on startup, at least, "... a matching
Context XML descriptor will be created unless one exists already."

Under the description of context descriptors, it seems to say the files
will be in the $CATALINA_HOME/conf/[enginename]/[hostname]/ directory.

I dropped the xindice.war from the xml projects into the webapps
directory, and I can access it. (I did this twice, actually. First time
I was running Java 1.5 beta, and I dropped it live. This time it's Java
1.4 and I dropped it in while TC was down.)  Xindice is expanded
automagically in the webapps directory, and I can access it, do queries,

I look in my $CATALINA_HOME/conf directory, and all I see is 

    Catalina\localhost\{ admin.xml, balancer.xml, manager.xml }

No other files or directories.

Nor can I see any sign of a xindice.xml or context.xml in the xindice
directory structure under webapps. 

There is a web.xml under WEB-INF and contains the servlet and
servlet-mapping declarations, and security-constraints commented out.
Conceptually, that's context kinds of specification, but it doesn't look
like what

leads me to expect. 

There is a system.xml under WEB-INF and it seems to contain application
specific declarations of the database and of XML-RPC. There is also a
configs/commands.xml which is very definitely application specific.
Clearly, neither of these is the context file.

So, does the automatically configured context actually get written out
anywhere? If so, I'm either looking for context in all the wrong places
or I've got this thing set up so strange it doesn't wanna do the right

Joel <>

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