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From "Robert Hunt" <>
Subject Re: <%@ include %> files and Jasper/Ant
Date Fri, 09 Jul 2004 00:15:40 GMT
Thanks Layton.  Makes sense.

Looking back now, when I read the Jasper How-to page
( the
implication (at least, how I comprehended it) was that Jasper would produce
the "same output" including the seemingly prescient ability of compiling
only what's "needed".

I'll change the extensions or place them in a subdir (adding the appropriate
exclusions to the build xml).

Now, if only someone would pay attention to "Classloader behavior in 5.0.25
& 5.0.16" (104699)

-- RH

From: Berry, Layton
Tomcat compiles pages as needed.  So if someone hits
File.jsp, the file is created and compiled.

If you were to hit FileB.jsp, Tomcat would try to compile
it and get the compile errors.

Your ant job is no doubt trying to compile all the .jsp files,
causing your compile errors.  Try giving FileB.jsp a different


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