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From "Tom Burke" <>
Subject Integrating Tomcat and IIS
Date Wed, 07 Jul 2004 13:41:49 GMT
I sent a long email to the list on Tuesday asking for help with problems
I'm having intergating Tomcat with IIS. Sadly, there were no replies. My
email was rather long - lots of examples, config file extracts, etc - so
maybe recipients found it hard to digest.

So I'll recast it as a shorter request: is there anyone on the list who
has succeeded in integrating Tomcat (4 or 5) with IIS (5 or 6)? If so,
are there any tips you can pass on? Any problems you experienced and
overcame? And if anyone else has had problems and *not* been able to
overcome them, what were they?

Incidentally, I was following this set of instructions:

Tom Burke

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