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From Wendy Smoak <>
Subject OT Re: CRUD Operations using Tomcat
Date Wed, 21 Jul 2004 17:50:31 GMT
From: "Valter G. Nogueira Jr." <>
> I have read a lot about Struts, Hibernate and DAO.
> But these aproachs are too verbose, I mean manually define XML configs,
> pages, actions...

Cross Struts off that list, it has nothing to do with accessing your data.

DAO is a pattern-- some of the existing frameworks implement it, or you can
do it yourself.

I haven't used Hibernate, but of the three I think it's the closest to what
you want.  It should get you out of having to worry about when/where to
store the information.

> I was looking for some tool which I point to my database schema and it
> produces the bunch of code.
> It would be good if it was tied to a data dictionary that could
> change checks and labels.

JDO might be what you're looking for:

You're still going to have to do some work up front to configure whatever
you choose.

Wendy Smoak

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