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From "Robert Hunt" <>
Subject <%@ include %> files and Jasper/Ant
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2004 19:27:55 GMT
I'm trying to use Ant (in stand-alone fashion) to build a set of JSPs.  The
JSPs compile, execute and serve up HTML fine when compiled under Tomcat
5.0.25; only the "root" JSPs generate .java files.  Eg. FileA.jsp contains a
<%@ include="FileB.jsp" %> directive.  When requested through the Tomcat web
server, only and FileA_jsp.class are created.

However, when I run Ant (or JspC) from the command line (using the sample
from "
Application Compilation" for build.xml), it creates both and The build then fails because's compilation,
by itself fails
without having the context of being code included in FileA.

How do Jasper/Ant running behind the scenes under the Tomcat webserver know
not to emit and compile the dependent files?  And why would Jasper/Ant
running standalone (I'm using Ant 1.6.1 as-is from the .ZIP distribution)
NOT produce same output?

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