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From Adrian Cho <>
Subject Matching source for Tomcat binary drops
Date Fri, 04 Jun 2004 13:15:54 GMT
A team I am working for is redistributing Tomcat 4.1.30 in binary form.  I 
want to inspect all the matching source code.  In other words, if I wanted 
to get the source to rebuild the same set of binaries, where would I get 

The reason is that I did some checking and I found that many of the jars 
in the binary drops, do not have matching source in the Tomcat source 
drop.  The full list I concluded was something like this:

tomcat-http11.jar - all?
tomcat-util.jar - ByteChunk? 
tomcat-coyote.jar - all?
servlet.jar - all?
mx4j-jmx.jar - all?
jakarta-regexp-1.3.jar - all?
commons-modeler.jar - all?
commons-logging-api.jar - all?
commons-logging.jra - all?
commons-digester.jar - all?
commons-collections.jar - all?
commons-beanutils.jar - all?

a) Now for some of these such as commons-logging.jar, 
jakarta-regexp-1.3.jar, etc. I can see some source drops on the source 
download page linked from the Tomcat page although I don't know which 
version of these packages is used in (for example) Tomcat 4.1.30 so I 
don't know which version of the source I should get.

b) I can't find other packages such as tomcat-http11.jar, 
tomcat-coyote-jar and servlet.jar anywhere.

c) At least one package (tomcat-util.jar) seems to have source for most of 
the classes in the Tomcat source drop but at least one class (ByteChunk) 
is not there.

I'd appreciate any hints as how I can find the exact matching source for 
what is in the Tomcat 4.1.30 binary drop.



Adrian Cho
Manager, Intellectual Property
IBM Ottawa Lab
2670 Queensview Drive
Ottawa, Canada K2B 8K1
Phone: (613) 726-5536
Fax: (613) 820 1202

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