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From "Someone Else" <>
Subject Significant Deployment Issue - Unsolvable?
Date Tue, 22 Jun 2004 18:03:17 GMT

I have one server running.

Standard config:

- Windows 2000
- Tomcat 4.1.30, MySql
- Tomcat is using connection pooling

There are roughly 150 virtual hosts in server.xml, each with 3-4 contexts 

The server starts up using 66MB mem, and runs fine for roughly 24 hrs, but 
then gives up.

The memory use grows perdictably until it reaches around 20 hours, then it 
starts to gobble up RAM until it crashes, which I don't understand. The 
stangest thing is that I've allocated 1GB mem for the Tomcat instance, but 
it only uses up to ~400MB total heap (used+free) before crashing.

It does not max out Server Threads or DB connections.

Windows does not run out of threads or handles, although these numbers do 
grow during operation.

Traffic to the server is low - 2-3 page loads/sec MAX

If it ran out of something, or happened consistenly at the exact same time 
then this would be easier.

There simply isn't any reason it should be doing this. I'm out of options 
and have been running with this issue now for a month. I even have an early 
warning system going to my cell phone so that I can restart with minimal 
interruption (obviously not acceptable).

Any help would be fantastic.


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