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From "Shapira, Yoav" <>
Subject RE: Help! Moving app from TC4->TC5, blank pages, no errors!
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2004 15:07:27 GMT

So you're using TC-specific code in your webapp?  (Hence the need for
different build files, one for TC4 and one for TC5, I imagine).

Add logging output statements to your various filters so you can tell
what they're doing, if anything.

Enable the AccessLogValve to see if you're really getting 404s or
something else (such as previous 5xx errors) are preventing normal

Yoav Shapira
Millennium Research Informatics

>-----Original Message-----
>From: Ruth, Brice []
>Sent: Thursday, June 10, 2004 10:58 AM
>To: Tomcat Users List
>Subject: Help! Moving app from TC4->TC5, blank pages, no errors!
>I'm in the process of taking an application that we've been deploying
>our production/stage/dev servers running TC4.1 to deploying it on our
>dev server running TC5.0.18. On our local development workstations,
>we've been deploying to TC5 for quite a while now, with no problems ...
>I'm not sure what the problem is deploying the web-app to TC5, but the
>most confusing thing is that I'm not getting any errors!!!
>The 'welcome-file' for the application loads, and nothing else loads! I
>can even put in a total garbage URL for that particular context and I
>don't even get a 404 error or anything! The web-app is pretty complex,
>with 5 or 6 filters chained together, so anywhere in there, something
>may be happening to a request, but shouldn't I be getting exceptions on
>STDOUT/STDERR?! I get nothing, not in stdout.log nor stderr.log, nor
>When the web-app starts, it outputs some status information as it goes
>through its bootstrapping (some custom messages, some Tiles messages,
>some Validator messages) - and that all looks perfectly normal.
>I also have a Logger element in my context, and the log file specified
>never gets created. Not sure why that would be, either.
>This is on a Win2K Server, with JDK1.4.2. I believe I'm running with
>"stock" server.xml, I've installed my context in
>as well as simply putting it in the META-INF directory of my exploded
>WAR. I've tried loading from a packaged WAR as well as an exploded WAR
>... no luck!
>The web-application is built using Ant and I've spent a good bit of
>developing our build process, so I'm fairly confident that its working
>OK - I've used two different build files, one that builds the
>application against TC4 APIs, the other uses the new TC5 APIs.
>I'm about at my wits end here ... I can't figure out what's going on!!
>Especially without any errors or log output!!
>Brice Ruth
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