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From "Dale, Matt" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat 5 clustering
Date Mon, 07 Jun 2004 10:02:44 GMT

If the slowness is caused 100% by load on your single machine then you may be able to reduce
to response time although a tenfold increase is pretty optimistic. But a request time of this
length I would look to your application as the primary culprit.

Does it have this response time for just a single request with 1 user on the system? If it
does then clustering is unlikely to help you at all. With a load balancer or some other way
of splitting the users clustering will reduce the number of users hitting a given machine
and free up some processor and memory. It will not share the work of a single request accross
multiple tomcats.

My advice would be to profile your application first, work out where it is spending its time
and if the response is good in a single user scenario then perhaps experiment with clustering.


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From: Michael Cardon []
Sent: 03 June 2004 01:10
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Tomcat 5 clustering

For the sake of this question, let me assume that I have an application
running on one instance of Tomcat that takes 10 seconds to complete a client
request.  If I cluster 10 machines together does it help with the
through-put, i.e. meaning it might take 1 second to complete the request
now, or does it just make the session redundant in case of failure.  Just
wondering about which setup would serve me the best and be the fastest for
our clients.

Thanks for any input on this.

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