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From Jacob Kjome <>
Subject Re: Need directions on how to connect to an IP address
Date Sun, 13 Jun 2004 04:04:54 GMT
At 10:54 PM 6/12/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>I have no knowledge of either Ant or Tomcat other than a partner told me 
>that both were necessary to download a file from his IP address.

Ummmm..... you need to download a file or you need to host a file for 
download by others?  If the latter, you might need Tomcat (or some other 
web server), if the former, you need a browser.  Just type in the URL (or 
IP address + path) and hit <ENTER>.  Not to be too harsh, but if you don't 
understand this, you probably shouldn't be even thinking about using Tomcat 
or Ant, for that matter.


>This being said I have tried very hard to figure out how to use them to 
>accomplish this. I seem to be able to start Tomcat up and shut it down 
>(seemingly without ever using Ant), but the default port, 8080, causes a 
>dns server error when I try to load http://localhost:8080/ . The 
>documentation said this could be caused if I had something else running on 
>that port. I don't know how to check if this is the case, nor see which 
>ports I have available to reassign the default port to (which the 
>documentation describes very well).
>Finally, if someday I get Tomcat running properly, I have no idea of how 
>to connect to said IP address to download the file on my buddy's computer. 
>It would seem to be the simplest of Tomcat tasks, but I can't find a 
>description of how to do it on any of the web documentation. Could someone 
>point me there?
>Thank you for your time,

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