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From Davor Cengija <>
Subject Re: Too many open files on Solaris
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2004 12:42:11 GMT
QM wrote:

> On Wed, Jun 16, 2004 at 10:59:12AM +0200, Davor Cengija wrote:
> : My application is hitting that 'too many open files' limit on Solaris.
> [I just left this line in for the archives/searching.  Read on]

Me too :-)

Ok, this post might sound a little bit funny. Read below.

> : but my system administrator simply doesn't want to do that (since it
> : requires restart).
> If this application is mission-critical, your sysadmin may want to
> rethink his/her approach. =)

Very mission critical. But the problem is that (strange enough) sysadmin
needs to file a formal restart request (!) in which he needs to explain why
a restart is needed. 

> You could also check out the "ulimit" command.
> What sort of load-testing was done on the app before it went live?

It was tested on linux but not on Solaris (long story). Linux performed
quite fine.


Thanks for the suggestions. I've already done similar steps you're
suggesting (your post is a good reference now :-).

> How much memory does the container use during peak periods? You could

Java is started with minimum 1GB and maximum 2GB memory footprint. As soon
as Tomcat starts, top says taht memory SIZE is 1.2G and RES about 700MB.
When the application is about to crash, RES is about 1.1GB or slightly

> setup a second Tomcat instance (either on the current host, or a
> different host) and have Apache/mod_jk load-balance between the two.

Hehe, really interesting. My next step is to set up a second Tomcat instance
+ mod_jk on the same box. Another Solaris box is on its way but won't be
available very soon.

Ok, to resume:

QM, your suggestions might be a good quick-fix-how-to for this kind of
problems. I already tried them and still have the problems (although the
application's lifespan is streched from 2hrs to 24hrs for the current
load). My next step is mod_jk balancer. 

Ah... my sad story continues :-)

Kind regards,

Davor Cengija,

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