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From Carl Olivier <>
Subject RE: Apache/tomcat serving weird pages
Date Sat, 12 Jun 2004 07:24:34 GMT
I have had similar problems.

What version of Tomcat are you using?  It could be that your is
not of the correct version.  If you are using TC 5.0.19 you should be using


-----Original Message-----
From: Mike DiChiappari [] 
Sent: 12 June 2004 01:02 AM
Subject: Apache/tomcat serving weird pages

I am seeing some weird behavior with Apache and Tomcat.  When I quickly 
refresh the page from the browser, sometimes the wrong page appears.  We 
have two web sites on our server with virtual hosts.  If I am reloading a 
page on web site A, sometimes a page from web site B appears.  This seems 
to only occur with JSPs.

I am using Apache 2.0, Tomcat 4.1.24, and I believe jk2.  I didn't 
originally configure the server.  But this is how it seems to be 
configured.  The file contains two workers - one for 
each of the virtual web sites.  The lines look like: 
worker=ajp13:localhost:8019.  The line for the other site uses 8009 for the 

The file is very simple.  It has the following two lines:

   handler.list = channerlSocket,request
   channelSocket.port = 8009

I am still looking into how to interpret these configuration files.  Any 
ideas or pointers would be appreciated.


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