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From Wade Chandler <>
Subject Re: Apache -> tomcat connections grow very fast
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2004 23:08:18 GMT
Stephen Carville wrote:

> Every once in  a while, the number of connections between apache and tomcat 
> grows very rapidally, going from 12 or so up to over 150 in a matter of about 
> 10 minutes.  This quickly causes the number of httpd processes to exceed 
> MaxClients and apache stops accepting new connections.  Restarting tomcat 
> relieves the symptom.  This is a recent development that first came to my 
> attention abtu two weeks ago.
> When the problem happens, 'netstat -natp' shows a bunch of connections like:
> tcp        0      0          
> ESTABLISHED 21886/httpd
> with a corresponding connection for the tomcat end:
> tcp        0      0         
> ESTABLISHED 31723/java
> Normally there are about 8 to 12 connections between apache and tomcat.  I 
> cannot figure out why the number suddenly peaks like this.  I've scoured the 
> http logs and turned on debugging for mod_jk but nothing I've tried so far 
> fixes it.  I've had the developers do some extra logging to see if any recent 
> code changes could be causing it but that too has proved fruitless.
> Suggestions are welcome.

Do you know what is initiating the connections?  8009 is the connection 
between mod_jk and the server.  MaxConnections will be on your port 80 
or what ever port you are running on.  Do you not know the origin of the 
other connections?  Surely you have connections on the other port 80 or 
what ever you are using?  Are you using some type of an http protocol 
test tool and are you using keep connection?


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