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From Thilo Krawietz <>
Subject Tomcat 5 sets cookies although i have disabled cookies in server.xml
Date Tue, 29 Jun 2004 15:18:20 GMT
Hi folks,

i actually face a strange phenomenon with the Tomcat session handling 
mechanism. I want to use URL-rewriting instead of cookies and i used 
therefore the cookies="false" attribute in the <Context> element.
First the entry in the server.xml looked like that:

<Context path="app" docBase="app" cookies="false" reloadable="false"/>

With this setting, Tomcat simply ignores the cookies="false" attribute 
and continues to set cookies and leaves the url unrewritten. I then 
tried a little bit around and changed the server.xml entry to like that:

<Context path="" docBase="app" cookies="false" reloadable="false"/>

and voila, Tomcat stops setting cookies and rewrites the url with the 
jsessionid value, as desired.

It seems, that Tomcat only does URL-rewriting, when the path attribute 
is empty.....
Did anybody else face this phenomenon? Is it possible, that this might 
be an implementation bug? I actually use Tomcat 5.0.24 on a Linux RedHat 
9 distro machine.....

Comments are welcome!

Best regards,


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