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From james robinson <>
Subject trouble with tomcat 5 and apache 1.3
Date Tue, 29 Jun 2004 11:44:10 GMT

I'm having some difficulties making tomcat work with apache.
I only need to use apache because I need to use an auth system that uses 
the .htaccess files of apache. So i really don't want to have to fuss 
about to much. Ideally I'd like to use the apache auto configuration for 
tomcat but can't seem to switch it on, as per the jk2 apache howto...

At present i have apache 1.3 installed from slack package and tomcat 
5.0.25 which i compile from source. All on slackware 9.1.

I've spent all of yesturday trying to fix this and am quite confused...

Firstly, if i've compiled tomcat from source do i need to then compile a 
jk2 module seperatly or will this have been done.

Secondly, should i be editing httpd.conf and defining workers etc there 
or editing server.xml and pointing apache at appropriate tomcat conf file?

All I'm looking to do is have a restricted access apache document root, 
and then map the tomcat context of my app into it.

I'm a complete noob to this so please keep it simple.

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