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From Jonathan Melhuish <>
Subject Re: Bizarre parse error
Date Tue, 22 Jun 2004 15:44:27 GMT
In the absence of any more logical suggestions, I've been randomly 
fiddling and have found that:

    * I only get the error when I successfully retreive XML from the 
database and pass it to Xalan, it works or fails elegantly in all other 
    * The XML data is returned correctly and is valid, because I can 
output it, save it and parse it using Mozilla
    * The simple XSL stylesheet that I have created (which just matches 
the document root) is valid because I am using it successfully on 
another very similar page that returns a smaller subset of the XML data
    * If I copy and paste the outputted XML from the saved file into my 
JSP page and assign it to a string, it works

So, in summary:

    * The bit that gets the XML from the database appears to work correctly
    * The bit that processes the XML (Xalan) appears to work correctly 
when the above XML is hard-coded into a string
    * It doesn't work when I try to pass the XML directly from one to 
the other

Any ideas?!



Jonathan Melhuish wrote:

> I've got a rather bizarre problem which I can't quite get my head
> around, and was wondering if anybody might be able to help.
> I'm using Xalan to transform XML into HTML4 using an XSLT stylesheet.
> The page appears to be generated correctly, from looking at the source
> code.  However, upon loading, Internet Explorer (5 and 6) gives the 
> error:
>        The character '>' was expected. Error processing resource
> ''. Line 81, Position 5
>            -- media type, as per [RFC2045]
>        ----^
> The line number referenced is not related to the source code of my
> page.  Mozilla, meanwhile gives the error "XML Parsing Error: mismatched
> tag. Expected: </link>" which would imply that it is trying to parse it
> as XHTML.  Changing the DOCTYPE declaration from Strict to Transitional
> changes the line number in IE but not the error given by Mozilla.
> Removing the DOCTYPE definition completely brings IE's error in line
> with Mozilla's.
> However, all of this would perhaps seem rather irrelevant, as I found
> that saving the file to disk and re-opening it causes it to be displayed
> correctly in both browsers.  Similarly, saving the resultant HTML and
> serving it through Tomcat also works, regardless of whether the filename
> extension is .html or .jsp.  My only suggestion was that perhaps it was
> something to do with the MIME type, but presumably Tomcat would decide
> that based on the filename extension if my JSP pages were not to contain
> the line:
> <%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html" %>
> This presumption is supported by the fact that removing this line makes
> no difference to either error.
> Which leaves me completely out of ideas... help!
> TIA,
> Jon

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