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From Chris Rossi <>
Subject Tomcat 4.1.30 does not respect Date header
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2004 18:30:20 GMT
Hello.  I am using Tomcat 4.1.30, with java 1.4.2 on a Readhat linux 
server.  I was going to submit a bug report, but I noticed the bug 
tracker only goes through version 4.1.9.  Is that bug tracker still 
being used?  Should I still submit bugs to it?

Anyway, I am implementing an HTTP Cache filter using the Java Servlet 
Filter API.  The HTTP spec (ftp:/
requires that a cached response set the "Date" response header to the 
date/time that the response was generated.  In my servlet filter I 
accomplish this by calling:

   response.setDateHeader( "Date", timestamp );

When I look at the actual HTTP generated response I'm finding that my 
attempt to set the "Date" header is being ignored and the date of the 
header always reflects the time "now".  So when my filter returns a 
cached response to the request, the Date header does not reflect the 
time the cached response was created and my code ends up violating the 
HTTP spec and breaks the manner in which the client should be 
calculating the freshness of the requested resource.

This behavior is correct the majority of the time, however, there are 
cases, like this one, where the programmer needs to explicitly set the 
Date header.  Do the developers agree with me that this is a bug, or am 
I wrong somewhere in my reasoning?  Please let me know.

Chris Rossi

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