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From Renaldo VonTeknika <>
Subject tomcat5, apache2, mod_jk2 and mod_userdir
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2004 18:14:16 GMT
I don't seem to be able to get tomcat5, apache2, mod_jk2 and mod_userdir 
working together entirely. Everything works fine for the most part as 
users can serve jsp pages from their directories and tomcat recognizes 
each of their contexts. But I cannot get  the uri 
host/~user/servlet/HelloWorld passed to tomcat with 2 wildcards (*).

Here is an example of what the problem is using;

If I try to do what I think should work;

info=UserDir worker=ajp13:localhost:8009

It will not pass to tomcat and I recieve an apache 404 error instead of 
the servlet defined by the invoker (or a tomcat 404 error if the invoker 
didn't exist)

If I try;

info=UserDir worker=ajp13:localhost:8009


info=UserDir worker=ajp13:localhost:8009

It has no problem and everything works as it should, but it seems as 
thou it cannot deal with 2 wildcards if one is trailing the uri

Anybody have any ideas or know what I am doing wrong?


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