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From Michael Echerer <>
Subject Re: Using Tomcat's HTTP processor and SSL
Date Sat, 12 Jun 2004 11:43:49 GMT

Jim Kennedy wrote:

> I am considering using Tomcat alone as my HTTP server as well as my servlet
> container with SSL.  I know a lot of people use Apache HTTP Server instead
> of Tomcat for this and Tomcat is just the servlet container only.
> Is there any reason why I should not use just Tomcat alone for this.  I'm
> actually using JBOSS with Tomcat, but Tomcat still handles the HTTP
> requests.  I have no static pages on my site.
> Seems like a hassle to configure a separate server (Apache HTTP) when I
> don't have to.
In case you don't need loadbalacing, you can live without Apache in that 
> Also, are there any difficulties configuring Tomcat with SSL?
It's not more difficult than using Apache. I would say it's even easier 
to setup Tomcat than Apache for SSL.
But note: You should NOT use Tomcat+SSL, if you expect high HTTPS load. 
Standard Java&SSL is not too fast. In my load tests Apache/Tomcat is 
much faster for HTTPS than standalone Tomcat HTTPS, but it doesn't make 
a difference for HTTP (at least as long as you also have dynamic content).
> Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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