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From "Ruth, Brice" <>
Subject Help! Moving app from TC4->TC5, blank pages, no errors!
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2004 14:57:45 GMT
I'm in the process of taking an application that we've been deploying to 
our production/stage/dev servers running TC4.1 to deploying it on our 
dev server running TC5.0.18. On our local development workstations, 
we've been deploying to TC5 for quite a while now, with no problems ... 
I'm not sure what the problem is deploying the web-app to TC5, but the 
most confusing thing is that I'm not getting any errors!!!

The 'welcome-file' for the application loads, and nothing else loads! I 
can even put in a total garbage URL for that particular context and I 
don't even get a 404 error or anything! The web-app is pretty complex, 
with 5 or 6 filters chained together, so anywhere in there, something 
may be happening to a request, but shouldn't I be getting exceptions on 
STDOUT/STDERR?! I get nothing, not in stdout.log nor stderr.log, nor 

When the web-app starts, it outputs some status information as it goes 
through its bootstrapping (some custom messages, some Tiles messages, 
some Validator messages) - and that all looks perfectly normal.

I also have a Logger element in my context, and the log file specified 
never gets created. Not sure why that would be, either.

This is on a Win2K Server, with JDK1.4.2. I believe I'm running with the 
"stock" server.xml, I've installed my context in conf/Catalina/localhost 
as well as simply putting it in the META-INF directory of my exploded 
WAR. I've tried loading from a packaged WAR as well as an exploded WAR 
... no luck!

The web-application is built using Ant and I've spent a good bit of time 
developing our build process, so I'm fairly confident that its working 
OK - I've used two different build files, one that builds the 
application against TC4 APIs, the other uses the new TC5 APIs.

I'm about at my wits end here ... I can't figure out what's going on!! 
Especially without any errors or log output!!

Brice Ruth

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