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From Robert Koberg <>
Subject Re: jsp:directive.include behavior
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2004 13:17:47 GMT
I have the same problem (expanded entities). It works the same in Resin. 
I posted a question about this a week or so ago. Maybe we should ask on Dev?

Is the XML syntax being used?


William M. Shubert wrote:

> Hello, I'm having a little trouble with the way that
> jsp:directive.include works in Tomcat 5 (5.0.19 to be exact). I've read
> the JSP 2.0 spec, and it's confusing enough that I may well be
> misunderstanding it, but the way that the spec reads and the behavior I
> get from tomcat don't match at all! Here's the issue:
> My files are all XML-style JSP documents. I expect from the spec that
> adding <jsp:directive.include file="xxx.jspf"/> into my JSP document
> should give me a result as if xxx.jspf had been cut and pasted into the
> "master" JSP document. This isn't what is happening though. Instead, it
> seems like xxx.jspf is skipping a processing step, or being processed as
> a non-XML JSP file.
> In the "master" jsp file, all comments like <!-- --> are stripped out,
> and all character elements are processed a bit, so if I want an
> ampersand in the final XHTML document, I need to say "&amp;amp;". In the
> included "xxx.jspf" file, though, <!-- --> comments are left in (and
> make it all the way to the client), and character elements are left
> alone as if they were inside CDATA blocks. This is annoying, especially
> the comments; the comments are being treated as character data when tags
> are evaluated, so tags that aren't supposed to have character data like
> <c:choose> give errors unless I move all comments outside the <c:choose>
> or inside an inner <c:when> tag. Furthermore, a lot of the comments are
> notes to myself, and I would prefer that they not make it to the end
> users.
> So can somebody explain the rationale here? If I could understand why
> things act this way, I could probably live with it, instead of getting
> annoyed every time that I stumble across another include-related issue.
> Even better, is there some way to get the behavior I expect - to process
> an included JSP fragment exactly as if it were part of the original
> XML-style JSP file. Thank you.
>         Bill Shubert (

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