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From David Smith <>
Subject Re: How do I associate a web app with a specific IP (connector)?
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2004 02:55:35 GMT
I did this with two <service>...</service> sections each with their own 
<connector/> tags and appBase values in their respective <Host>..</Host>

tags.  It's probably over the top, but I wanted to be absolutely sure my 
high security apps were only talking through a SSH encrypted tunnel to 
the Apache server (different machine). 

I'm sure there's simpler stuff like valves to do the job as well.   I 
just haven't ever had the time to look into using them yet.


Barnet Wagman wrote:

> I'm going to be running Tomcat with two IP addresses (each has its own 
> domain name).  How do I associate some web apps with one and some with 
> the other?
> From my reading of the /Server Configuration Reference/ (but no 
> experience yet), I gather that I should create a connector for each IP 
> address.  But I don't see how to associate a web app with a particular 
> connector.  Do I need to create separate Host elements and use 
> separate appBases? Or is there another way altogether?
> Thanks,
> bw

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