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From "Jason L. West, Sr." <>
Subject RE: [OT] JSP/Servlet Hosting
Date Mon, 07 Jun 2004 10:22:43 GMT
The one and only suggestion that I would have for you is to find a 
dedicated server to host you applications on.  After searching high and 
low for a hosting service for my applications I finally came to the 
reality that if I was ever to be happy it would be only when I had my 
own server to host my applications on.  This is where ServerBeach came 
in.  they have some very low cost services and I have had great success 
with them getting my applications to the internet market.

If not then a service similar to this.  This is just who 
I use and would recommend.


Jason L. West, Sr.
Internet Applications Specialist, Sr.

Schalk wrote on 6/7/2004, 03:27:

 > Hey there
 > I am getting a little concerned about Java's position as far as a
 > development language for the web. The reason I say this is because
 > trying to
 > find good, reliable hosting at a competitive price, by competitive I mean
 > against the price of hosting PHP based sites, is almost impossible. You
 > either have a situation where the company claims to support Tomcat but
 > then
 > only allows JSP's or they allow both JSP's and Servlets but not
 > servlet-mappings via web.xml.
 > The there are the companies who do claim to provide full support on VPS
 > plans but when it comes to getting Apache and Tomcat properly set-up
 > things
 > go pear shaped and the whole thing falls apart. Finally when one does
 > find a
 > company that meets all the criteria the price is usually at least $200+
 > above what the same site would cost to host if it was written in PHP. No
 > weird configurations or big name enterprise application server are
 > included
 > in these plans.
 > Can anyone shed some light on this issue or am I to understand that PHP
 > should be your standard web development language and Java should only be
 > used for HUGE enterprise type application development?
 > Kind Regards
 > Schalk Neethling
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 > Volume4.Development.Multimedia.Branding
 > emotionalize.conceptualize.visualize.realize
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