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From "Victor R. Cardona" <>
Subject Re: RFC and j_security_checks
Date Sun, 06 Jun 2004 17:00:32 GMT
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Ben Bookey wrote:
| Q.3  I am actually amazed (and impressed) that the windows compiled
| work on the linux machine!! My understanding is that the compiled
|      byte-code is operating system dependent. i.e. our windows .class
| should not be able to work on linux ? or am I imagining it ?
|      I understood that "write-once and run-anywhere" meant that the java
| files still needed to be recompiled ??

The bytecode is OS independent. You don't need to recompile from source
to run on a different platform, because the Java Runtime reads and
executes the bytecode. So as long as you have a JRE on a platform, you
should be able to use .class files that were compiled on another
platform without any problems.

| Q.4 I recently had a reply┬┤to a question(in the Apache FileUpload commons
| mailing list!) that the file name passed from a browser uploading to
|     a server is not set by any standard and he mentioned the RFC (after I
| googled, I guess means Request for Change).
|     Who is actually responsible for determining the HTTP standard
itself, is
| there an org called
|     RFC or is it a mechanism of the WC3 ?

HTTP is an IETF standard, although W3C did do a lot of work on it. Check
~ their respective Websites for more details.

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