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From David Rees <>
Subject Re: Tomcat5/mod_jk Memory Leak/mod_jk bypass
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2004 16:34:02 GMT
Michiel Toneman wrote, On 6/2/2004 2:18 AM:
> I can confirm that this works with mod_jk too.
> I'm a little surprised that fixing this rather horrible memory leak 
> doesn't appear to be a high priority.  We were almost at a point of 
> abandoning Tomcat altogether since we couldn't keep our test environment 
> running for more than 2 days without OutOfMemory problems while it would 
> run for weeks on end with JRun3. Adding this line made all our problems 
> go away, and we are now well on our way to completing our migration to 
> Tomcat.

This particular issue has been fixed in Tomcat 5.0.x already.  Please 
download the latest release.

As the thread starter James mentioned, his memory leak problem was not 
because of this issue as he is running the latest, 5.0.25.


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