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From Mark Palmer <>
Subject JSP debugging no longer working with tomcat 5 using vanilla eclipse
Date Tue, 29 Jun 2004 22:51:27 GMT
I have been using eclipse 3.0R? for quite some time.
And have been able to debug jsp's in tomcat 4 by
copying the *.java files created by tomcat's jasper
compiler, into my eclipse workspace, into a directory
called org/apache/jsp and attaching a remot e

That way I can see the raw jsp files as a java source
and debug it.

However with tomcat 5 this no longer works correctly.

The remote debugger still stop on breakpoints that i
have set, but it is unable to correctly associate the
*.java file with line number it is on and consequently
it does not step through the code on the screen.

It has however still in debug mode because I can set
addition breakpoint in a file and it will stop when it
get there, and I can examine all the varialbles.

Any ideas on what is different with tomcat5 and
jasper2 that might be causing this?

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