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From QM <>
Subject Re: Too many open files on Solaris
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2004 13:42:02 GMT
: > : My application is hitting that 'too many open files' limit on Solaris.
: > [I just left this line in for the archives/searching.  Read on]
	[  yet again ;)  ]

: Very mission critical. But the problem is that (strange enough) sysadmin
: needs to file a formal restart request (!) in which he needs to explain why
: a restart is needed. 

You just explained it. ;) 

The suggestions I gave were very quick-hit, yes; because by now 1/ your
problem is more political than technical; and 2/ the technical fixes for
your app are likely long-term.

Some of my clients are very conservative companies that have similar
policies.  Telling someone, "this is a huge problem that will eventually
cost you money (in terms of loss of client faith)" tends to light a fire
under the right people.

Unfortunately, you (or someone) will then have to explain to upper mgt
why this didn't bite you till you went to production.  I'm not saying
it's your (or anyone's) fault; but someone will have to lay out the
facts and point out a solution.

This may be rectified in a positive way, long-term: matching -- or at
least, semi-matching -- test/prod hardware.  One of my clients had such
a setup.  It was beautiful.

Good luck.


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