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From QM <>
Subject [ANN] new ListenExec alpha (Tomcat "reboot" runtime)
Date Tue, 01 Jun 2004 17:40:22 GMT
ListenExec listens on a port and executes commands when called.
It is written in Java, and should run under any Java-capable OS.

The original design goal was a means to restart Tomcat, from Tomcat.
(ListenExec was created as a proof-of-concept, inspired by a tomcat-user
mailing list thread 'Tomcat "reboot" runtime' from May 2004).

The latest ListenExec alpha/POC release is available at:

There's also a readme doc at that URL for the curious.

Improvements in this version:

- ListenExec now runs as a daemon process, thanks to the Jakarta
  Commons Daemon project.  Building and running ListenExec thus
  requires Commons Daemon.

- the protocol is taking shape (transparent if you use only the

- misc code cleanups

Please note the following:

- The demo wepapp doesn't require authentication to access the restart
  servlet, so you'd do yourself a favor to test it in an isolated

- the JSPs in the demo app are not precomiled; please access them 
  directly before attempting to use the the restart feature via
  the webapp.



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