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From "Akash Jauhar" <>
Subject Prevent Apache Backup when a single tomcat stops responding
Date Tue, 22 Jun 2004 04:39:40 GMT

Here is an interesting problem that we are facing.

Our Production architecture is as follows:

There are 4 Machines each hosting 1 Apache and 3 Tomcat 3.3.1a servlet engines. Hence there
are a total of 4 Apache and 12 tomcat workers. Each apache can talk to all the 12 tomcat workers.

Sometimes (during peak load) when tomcat worker (lets name it tc1) is doing garbage collection
for an extended period of time, all requests for this tomcat worker tc1 get queued up. We
are noticing some weird GC behaviour when the tomcat does 
Minor GC. I am pasting some garbage collection logs below
233191.652: [GC 233191.652: [DefNew: 127232K->3840K(127232K),204.1755072 secs] 293286K->176929K(385272K),
204.1757747 secs] 233396.272: [GC 233396.272: [DefNew: 127232K->3840K(127232K),101.8621946
secs] 300321K->183426K(385272K), 101.8624498 secs]

A number of such simultaneous Garbage collections and the requests for this  tomcat gets queued

We are using AJP 12 threads and the maxThreads attribute is set to 100. Hence 100 requests
for tc1 take those 100 threads. Any more requests start getting queued up in the apache servers
causing it to backup and ultimately reach the value set in maxClients attribute in httpd.conf.
thus bringing down the site.

Is there a way by which once the 100 threads of the AJP12 connector are taken up, the tomcat
sends a server busy signal to the end user and not queue up the apache and bring down the
whole site (even though there are 11 other tomcat workers available). I read something about
the backlog parameter in server.xml at
can someone explain what this parameter does.

Any recommendations on how to prevent this one tomcat taking down the whole site would really

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