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From Acácio Furtado Costa <>
Subject Windows XP X Windows 2003 . What are the advantages to use with the same JVM.
Date Tue, 18 May 2004 12:11:32 GMT

I´d like to use the Windows Operational System with Tom Cat 5.0.24. 
I intend to use one Pentium III 700 MHz , 2 CPU´s (DP) with 2 Gb RAM and SCSI Disk´s 9x5
Raid 5 by Hardware only for this purpose

 I need to download the JVM from Sun Site because neither XP and W2003 contains JVM and the
JVM is the same for both.

I have license for windows XP and one doubt.Will I have some advantages to use Windows 2003
Server??  IF Yes, what are they ??


Acacio Furtado Costa
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