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From "Glanville, Jay" <>
Subject What version of tomcat am I using?
Date Thu, 06 May 2004 14:08:51 GMT
Is there a way to programmatically determine what version of tomcat is
installed on my system?  The situation is this: I'm writing an upgrade
script for my application, and if the version of tomcat is 4.x, then I
need to shutdown, install tomcat 5, configure tomcat 5 and then startup
tomcat 5.  If the version on the system is tomcat 5, then don't do

Normally, most applications have a "--version" command line parameter
(e.g.: java -version gives me text that matches the regex "1.4.2_02").
Is there a way that I can execute a command to tell me the tomcat
version?  If not through the tomcat program, is there a version number
stored in a text / configuration file that I can grep?  Failing that,
how can I tell (programmatically) what version of tomcat I have?



Jay Glanville

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