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From Carl Olivier <>
Subject mod_jk2 - Win32 Alias problems
Date Mon, 03 May 2004 15:47:28 GMT
Having a (couple of) problem(s) with the latest mod_jk2 build (which I am
compiling myself with VisualC++ 6 - as well as trying the precompiled binary
- same behaviour).
I tried to see if there were any other posts regarding this issue - could
not find any!
The first problem is thus:
I have multiple virtual hosts configured in Apache2 and Tomcat5.  Some of
the hosts have multiple aliases.  The confiugration option I am using
specifies the ServerAlias entries in the Apache2 VirtualHost blocks where
applicable.  I have the matching <Alias/> entries in the TC5 <Host/> blocks.
Then for each VirtualHost I have the following JK directive set to ensure
that JSP requests are passed to TC from Apache:
<Location "/*.jsp">
  JkUriSet worker ajp13:localhost:8009
This is the last thing before </VirtualHost>
When using the latest mod_jk (which is now a .so even on Windows it seems -
instead of a DLL) the ServerName (main server URL) works perfectly.  All JSP
posts happily get processed by TC as expected.  Problem arises when you
access the site using one of the ServerAliases - the index.jsp is processed
fine by TC5 - however ALL OTHER JSP requests are being "processed" by Apache
(i.e. shows the source as text or asks you to download the .jsp file when
the JSP is a HREF link!).
This definitely did not happen with earlier version of JK2!
Another problem is that sometimes - when there is a highly processor
intensive JSP page being processed by TC - or a JSP page that has a LOT of
HTML commin back - JK seems to "lose it".  The HTML is all messed up - or it
does not finish loading - or it includes HTML from JSPs beikng hosted on the
same server - but completely different Hosts!!  This definitely seems to be
a JK2/CoyoteConnector issue (although I did also experience it with JK1.2 on
older versions of TC (3 and 4)) as when you go through Tomcat's HTTP1.1
connector on a different port the problems never crop up.
Has anyone else experienced this?
Any feedback/assistance would be greatly appreciated!
Best regards,

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