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From "M.Hockings" <>
Subject Re: session data in Tomcat 5
Date Fri, 21 May 2004 14:36:36 GMT
Certainly !  They are attached (please don't laugh at them tooo much )

BTW, I'm finding that my test server on FC1  (Tomcat 5.0.24) is working 
quite well, fast response, can deploy, undeploy reliably and sessions 
seem to work as expected.  On Win2K however the 5.0.25 version is 
considerably slower, often has to be re-started to get a successful 
deploy and every touch is a new session.  This is as configured by the 
installer (I have not changed any of the config files other than setting 
up a manager id/pwd) and the only change on install was to modify the 
install directory from c:\... to d:\...  In the past I've had Tomcat 4.0 
& 4.1 working solidly on Win2K even jk'd to Apache.    I must admit that 
I'm not a Tomcat expert, our main deployment platform is IBM's WAS but I 
like to make sure that our product runs on Tomcat as some prefer a 
different servlet container.

I guess what I'm trying to say is I wonder if some of my woes have been 
due to trying to use Tomcat  5 on my Win2K laptop rather than a "real" 
server box.


Ben Souther wrote:

>Could you just attach the src to the two JSPs?
>On Friday 21 May 2004 09:18 am, M.Hockings wrote:
>>Shapira, Yoav wrote:
>>>Oh, this reminds me to have a vote on the stability of 5.0.25!
>>>You never answered the key question of whether your session attributes
>>>are Serializable or not: that's a binary question, should be easy to
>>>determine ;)
>>>Yoav Shapira
>>>Millennium Research Informatics
>>Hi !
>>Yes, sorry, I forgot.
>>I think for the most part the answer is no, however for these apps I'm
>>not worried about maintaining data over a shutdown-startup of the server
>>nor am I running in a cluster.  The interesting thing is that on Windows
>>(Win2K to be exact) every hit to Tomcat seems to start a new session!
>>I'm making a set of tests that will eventually work up to the actions
>>that the application does to maintain session data.  And, yes, I will be
>>making the session objects serializable just to avoid future problems...
>>For your enjoyment here is the same test app on two machines, my Win2K
>>laptop and a Linux (Fedora Core 1) server.  On Windows it is
>>5.0.25-alpha (previously 5.0.24) and on Linux it is 5.0.24
>>(out-of-the-box with no patches applied).  I _think_ I have the external
>>url correct.
>>If you would like the .war file that it is deployed from just let me
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