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From Eric Noel <>
Subject Re: [ANN] Apache Tomcat 5.0.24 Stable released
Date Mon, 17 May 2004 05:20:02 GMT
On 5/17/2004 10:19 AM, Zachary Hartley wrote:

> Eric Noel wrote:
>> Hey yoav is just saying that usually for tomcat users we always goto 
>> the tomcat site which is
>> -
> Hi, I think its pretty clear that I did go to the else would 
> I have obtained the release or know there was a new release unless I had 
> been checking the site?
>> then  of course it would be logical that if we want to find docs, on 
>> the left pane we click the documents section menu of tomcat 5 page
>> -
> Uh, a changelog is important enough to have it's own listing outside of 
> the documentation, on the main page, or in the actual release. Not 
> asking too much I thought.
>> after that page was loaded at the bottom part you will find
>> -
> Once again, a changelog is important enough to not put it in a 
> relatively obsure place like the bottom left of a navigation menu. Not 
> to put you out, but I did look around the site for some time, including 
> downloading both source and binary release just to make sure they 
> weren't inside there somewhere. Pardon the new user who might miss the 
> single link at the bottom of a subpage, among the myriad of other links. 
> I was simply frustrated it wasn't in a more prominent place. So why 
> don't you stop being a smartass and just consider putting the changelog 
> in a more prominent place so new users interested in the project, but 
> not necessarily familiar with it, can try to become informed users. 
> Logically, of course.
> Zachary Hartley
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Yeah, the bottom line is just be considerate. It's all in the site

All work at Jakarta is provided on a volunteer basis. There is no paid 
staff. Please be CONSIDERATE and do your homework before asking our 
volunteers to donate additional time and energy to your project.

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