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From "Adam T. Gautier" <>
Subject Load-Balancing
Date Thu, 06 May 2004 16:36:49 GMT
I have a three server configuration with 1 Apache (httpd) and 2 Tomcat 
(10 instances a piece) servers.  The configuration is working but it is 
a little complicated.  I choose this configuration for performance.  I 
loaded the tomcat servers with lots of RAM and let the multiple instance 
run as independant processes under linux.  This would allow, I beleieve 
for beter CPU usage.  There were serveral other reasons for my original 
choice of load balancing across multiple instances on multiple machines 
which I won't go into unless asked. But, my question is this.  Is it 
needed?  Can I get the same performance  from single tomcat instances on 
the two boxes (rely on threads instead of POSIX proccesses)?  Wouldn't 
running 1 JVM instead of 10 provide a better use of memory per machine?  
The configuration would be easier, definatly...  What are the thought of 
the others in this group?  Thanks...

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